Welcome to the ACMS Admissions Information Session. Due to the current COVID-19 environment, we had to move this entirely online. Please review the information below. Once you have done so, you will be able to join on our virtual Zoom Q&A session to ask any remaining questions about the ACMS Admissions process.

ACMS Info Session

ACMS is a multidisciplinary BS degree program by Applied Math, Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics.

These four departments developed a degree for students that want a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, statistics and computational modeling that lead into specific option areas.

These option areas allow students to explore the applications of the foundational work and how these skills can solve problems in research or industry. 

The program core is designed to give students that foundation and breadth in a variety of STEM-focused subjects. 

ACMS is not an applied math degree, even though it is commonly referred to as one.  Applied Math is just one of the founding departments.

ACMS Info Session

When you apply, you select one option to be considered for.  The seven different options are listed above and you can learn about each one on our website: https://acms.washington.edu/content/program-requirements-and-information.

How do you decide which option to apply for?

Look carefully at the curriculum in the options to help decide which classes are most appealing to you.  You will need to complete all the courses in the degree option, so if you don’t have an interest in the classes – select another option.

Don’t apply to an option because you think it would be easier to be admitted. Most ACMS options can lead to similar career pathways.

Admissions Requirements

Admission into ACMS is capacity constrained, which means there are a limited number of seats available each application cycle and you are competing for the spaces against other applicants in that applicant pool.

Completion of minimum requirements described above does not guarantee admission. Each application is evaluated by a subcommittee of the ACMS Steering Committee.

Coursework for the minimum requirements for admission must be completed and not in progress at the time of application.

Most students complete these prerequisite in their first year at UW or for transfer students prior to arriving at UW.  Due to our admissions cycles, we recommend completing these courses within the first year or if you’re a transfer student very quickly so you’re eligible for an admissions cycle as soon as possible.

ACMS Info Session

Performance in core courses: Typically more recent coursework will be weighted heavier. So this means that even if you didn't do well your first quarter, you still could be admitted into the ACMS program. If you didn't do well in Math 124 or Math 125 but end up doing well in Math 126 and 308 or other more advanced math courses, then that will help your application be more competitive.

Demonstrated interest in the ACMS option you're applying to: This means that, for example, if you are applying to biological life sciences, we do expect that you’ve taken a course in biology. 

Academic Record: The admissions committee looks at the entirety of your academic record. Frequency of incompletes, withdrawals or repeated courses are taken into consideration. Repeated courses - Check with our office before you retake a course. We can advise you on the best option for your situation.

Relevant Work & life experience: Let us know if you’ve done something interesting recently related to any of the ACMS fields outside of class!

While we consider all the listed criteria, academic performance is a primary factor in our admission decision.

ACMS Info Session

We accept applications twice a year.  The application process requires you to select one ACMS option and write a brief personal statement.  We admit students for the subsequent quarter.  So if you want to be an ACMS major starting in winter quarter, you would apply in autumn.  If you want to be ACMS for Autumn quarter, you apply in spring quarter.  The application always opens the first day of the quarter listed and closes at 5:00pm on the second Friday of the quarter listed.  We generally aim to have decisions out just before registration begins for the next quarter.

2022 admission dates

Above are specific dates for the next couple of application cycles.  We want to specifically call out that if you are admitted, you must be enrolled and registered at UW during the quarter for which you were admitted.  Example, you are admitted for autumn quarter, you have to be enrolled and registered as a matriculated UW student during Autumn Quarter, in order to formally become an ACMS major.  If not, you must reapply.

ACMS Info Session

The online application can be found on our website: https://acms.washington.edu/applying

Make sure you log in to the application well before the deadline!!  We do not accept late applications, so be sure you figure out technical difficulties early and not at the last minute.

Personal Statement Tips

The ACMS program actively seeks and welcomes students with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. You may describe how your personal history (family, educational, cultural, and economic background) has influenced your intellectual development, interests, career plans, and goals. This can also include  ACMS-related experiences outside the classroom or memorable classroom experiences at the UW. 

Specifcit prompts are changed periodically, see the website for details.

You may also use this statement to address elements of your record that might misrepresent your potential as an ACMS major. Address lower grades and how you've improved.

*Students intending to double major in ACMS and another capacity constrained major must also explicitly describe why the two majors are critical to their education*

Statements should be no longer than 2,000 characters; so be concise!

ACMS Info Session

Check back on the ACMS website and we’ll put up a notification when emails are sent.  If you don’t have yours when you see that notification you should contact us. Emails are sent to your UW email address, regardless of the email you put on your application. Please make sure you also check your SPAM folder to ensure the email did not end up there.

ACMS Info Session

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What are my chances of being admitted?

We cannot predict a student's chance of being admitted because there are several factors that affect the admission decision.  Completion of minimum requirements, and a course GPA at or above a 2.5 does not guarantee admission. Extenuating circumstances are considered.

Additional factors:
1. Number of applicants
2. Student’s extenuating circumstances
3. Grades trends and overall academic performance

-ACMS is capacity constrained.  This means we admit small numbers of students in to the program each admissions cycle.  Admissions rates are approximately 20-30%.
-Our advice is to do the best you can in prerequisite and major courses, and to have a solid back-up major that you could easily declare.  Keep in mind that for some ACMS options, a significant amount of the course work can be completed as a non-major.  So for example, you could be a political science major and still take AMATH courses or non-major CSE courses if that is where your interest lies.

What does a competitive applicant look like?​
-Average admissions course grades are above a 3.5
-Successfully completed coursework beyond the minimum prerequisites
-Demonstrated interest in the ACMS option you are applying to by consistently enrolling in related courses, including the quarter of application.
-Good academic performance in most recent courses; period of sustained success in coursework

Can I apply if…
I have grades below a 3.0
I have not completed courses beyond the minimum prerequisites
I have repeated and/or withdrawn from courses more than once

If applicable, we do suggest explaining any extenuating circumstances that negatively impacted your academic performance.

Should I repeat a course?
We typically advise students not to repeat a course. We suggest that students move onto the next advanced-level course and focus on getting a better grade.
However, if a student feels they didn’t master the course content, we suggest meeting with an advisor before repeating the course.  Especially since ACMS options can be very different from each other, we recommend to speak with us.

Can I reapply?​
Students should talk with a advisor in ACMS/MATH student services before taking additional courses and submitting a second application.

ACMS Info Session

If you have additional questions, please email us at: advising@math.washington.edu to have your questions answered. Please be aware that we are unable to review your personal statements prior to you submitting your application.