Due to the choice of options, ACMS is a rather complicated program. Navigating the requirements can be challenging and some courses may be over-subscribed. In addition, many students are double-majors, further increasing the complexity of planning a curriculum.


To better understand these complexities, we encourage you to create a rough plan and meet with an ACMS adviser who will assist you in polishing your plan.

If you think you might major in ACMS, contact advising early - don't hesitate or delay!

Your primary resource is the ACMS advising office located in Padelford C-36. Drop-in Advising office hours are generally Monday through Friday, 9:30-11:30 am and 1:30-3:30 pm in Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Summer hours vary, please check for availability, 206 543-6830. Many questions can be answered via email, be sure to include your name and STUDENT ID. The advising email is: advising@math.washington.edu

Drop-in Hours: Monday - Friday,  9:30-11:30am  &  1:30-3:30pm
See below for office closures and/or revised drop-in hours.
Beginning June 17 (subject to change)
Monday           9:30-11:30  &  1:30-3:30
Wednesday      9:30-11:30  &  1:30-3:30
Friday               9:30-11:30 
Your advisors are:
  • Sarah Garner - Director of Student Services
  • Dawn Kajimura - Academic Counselor
  • Ryan Kozu - Academic Counselor
For a list of other advising offices, click here.


Policies and Procedures