Program Requirements

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The ACMS program is structured into a core and a set of options. The same set of core courses is required for all options (with some exceptions). See the Program Overview for descriptions of each option. Outside of the core, course requirements vary depending on the option chosen when declaring a major. Students must choose one option when they apply to the major.

Full Requirements by Option


Planning and resources

All ACMS students will take courses in the the Math, Computer Science, Applied Math and Statistics departments, and some in other departments like Economics, Physics, Biology and others. Students will need to pay close attention to notes on departmental websites (if applicable) and the time schedule to see when they can register for courses. Below are links to departmental webpages regarding course scheduling. 

Applied Math: Current Offerings

Mathematics: When Courses are Offered

Computer Science: CSE Time Schedules

Statistics: Courses

Planning Tips for Core and Options


Restrictions on majoring in ACMS with other majors:

Any ACMS option, no doubles with the following programs: MATH, AMATH, CFRM, STAT