Program Requirements

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The Program Core is a set of courses totaling 38-39 credits which are generally required for all ACMS majors. Exceptions are specifically pointed out in the descriptions of the various options. The core courses will provide a solid foundation from which students may pursue any of the approved degree pathways within the Program.

It is recommended that students complete as many of the First and Second Level Core courses as possible during the Freshman and Sophomore years.

The Third Level Core sequences provide an introduction to a variety of different modeling and analysis techniques on specific problems. These provide breadth to all students in the ACMS program and may be valuable in helping students decide between program options.

First Level Core Sequences (19 or 20 credits)

Second Level Core Sequences (9 credits)

  • Ordinary Differential Equations* (3 credits): MATH 207 or AMATH 351
  • Matrix Algebra with Applications* (3 credits): MATH 208
  • Applied Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis (3 Credits): AMATH 352

Third Level Core Sequence (10 credits):

  • Discrete Modeling (3 credits): MATH 381
  • Probability and Statistics (4 credits): STAT 390
  • Continuous Modeling (3 credits): AMATH 383

​* The sequence MATH 134, 135, 136 Accelerated (Honors) Calculus, may be substituted for MATH 124, 125, 126 and MATH 207, 208.

Full Requirements by Option


Restrictions on majoring in ACMS with other majors:

Any ACMS option, no doubles with the following programs: MATH, AMATH, CFRM, STAT