While the University has general regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuation, the Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) Program has adopted additional requirements in order to make the best use of departmental resources and to provide reasonable assurance of academic success of our majors.

ACMS Majors who are considering dropping a major course, using the Current Quarter Drop process (replaces Annual Quarter Drop process), should carefully read the Continuation Policy. 

The following criteria and procedures will be applied to all undergraduate students majoring in ACMS for determining continuance in the major program. Students are encouraged to frequently review their academic progress and may seek advising from Mathematics Student Services at any time.

Criteria for ACMS Satisfactory Progress

  1. Students must take ACMS major required courses such that they are able to graduate within the limits dictated by the University's Satisfactory Progress Policy. At a minimum, students should be taking one ACMS class per quarter. Students are not required to take ACMS coursework during Summer quarters. Excessive course repeats, excessive course drops and excessive University withdrawals may demonstrate lack of satisfactory progress. 
  2. Students in the ACMS major are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA in all ACMS coursework.
  3. Students must earn a numerical grade of at least 2.0 in each ACMS course used toward a major requirement. Courses used to satisfy major requirements must be taken on a graded basis. Courses taken as satisfactory/not satisfactory cannot be used toward major requirements and thus violate this policy.


Review and Notification of Progress

Math Student Services will review the progress of all majors each quarter. If a student’s performance fails to meet the standards outlined above in any quarter during their tenure as an ACMS major, the student may be placed on warning, then probation, and lastly dismissal status for each subsequent quarter that they violate the policy. 


Students will be issued a warning letter by the department via email the first quarter they do not meet the program's satisfactory progress. A registration hold will be placed on their student account. The warning letter is issued only one time. Students receiving a warning letter must acknowledge receipt of the warning letter to have the registration hold removed. 

Although it is not required, students are encouraged to meet with an adviser as soon as possible. This can prevent progressing toward probation and dismissal. Students are encouraged to discuss all circumstances leading to unsatisfactory progress, including extenuating circumstances and situations outside of academic life that may impact academic success. The adviser can recommend campus resources, help plan a manageable course load, examine pathways within the major for success, or discuss other majors at the University. 


The second, but not necessarily consecutive quarter, a student does not meet departmental satisfactory progress, the student will be placed on "Probation Status" and a hold will be placed on the student account. Students will be issued a probation letter via email. Students MUST schedule a meeting with a departmental adviser. Students can expect the same support during their appointment as outlined in the "Warning" section. Students who do not meet with an adviser will not be able to register for future quarters. 


Students who fail to meet satisfactory progress in a third, but not necessarily consecutive quarter, will be on dismissal status from the major. Students will be notified via email and given instructions about what to do if they wish to appeal the dismissal from the major. There will be a deadline for the appeal clearly stated in the email. Students have only one opportunity to appeal dismissal. 

If the appeal is not approved or students do not appeal dismissal, they will be assigned a pre-major or extended pre-major  degree code (i.e. they are dismissed from the ACMS major.) The Program retains the right to drop dismissed students from future ACMS coursework where it is required to be a declared major to be enrolled. 

If appeal is approved, the student must make satisfactory progress until graduation. If the student violates this policy after their appeal, they will be dismissed. There is no opportunity to appeal the final dismissal. 

Removing Warning, Probation or Dismissal Status

The only way to remove a violation of this policy is with a Hardship Withdrawal. Students who are seeking Hardship Withdrawal should be in contact with an adviser. It is the student's responsibility to let Math Student Services know if their Hardship Withdrawal has been approved.