Computer simulation is heavily used in science and engineering as a tool in analysis, visualization, and design. Complex mathematical models can give very accurate prediction of real-world phenomena, but typically lead to equations that can only be solved with the aid of a computer. This Option focuses on the design, mathematical analysis, and efficient implementation of numerical algorithms for such problems.

Option Core (27 credits)

Option Electives -- Group I (11 credits)   
At least 11 credits from the following list of courses:

*For students who complete a double major with Computer Science-must notify advisor for this course to count.

Option Electives -- Group II (9 credits)
At least 9 additional credits from approved courses (at the 300 level or higher) in the Departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics. Additional courses from the Group I Elective list are particularly recommended. With approval of a Program Adviser, appropriate courses in other departments may also be used to meet this requirement, especially courses with a computational component.

Double majors / Double degrees Students who complete a double major with Computer Science may apply CSE 332 to the Group I Electives as noted above, and may apply additional CSE courses to satisfy the Group II Electives. Students who complete a double major or double degree in an appropriate applications area may petition to be exempted from the Group II Elective requirements.