ACMS Admissions Decisions were emailed to your UW email on April 23, effective 4:00 pm pacific time. If you have not received your decision, please check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, wait through the weekend and send an email to with your name and student number.


ACMS Major Information Session

Attend an information session to learn more about the ACMS major and to speak with an academic adviser. Information sessions are designed for any student who is interested in applying to the major. All information sessions are held in Padelford Hall, C-wing.

Our next ACMS Admissions Q&A session will be:

Newly admitted students to the UW should attend one of the Admitted Student Preview Sessions:

The ACMS Information Session webpage will cover:

  • Admission requirements
  • Personal Statement
  • When and how to apply
  • What courses to register for

Admission into the ACMS program is competitive, effective Autumn Quarter, 2011. Students can apply to the program twice a year, in Autumn and Spring Quarters.  The application opens the first day of the quarter and is due the second Friday at 5pm. The entire application is completed online. Admission decisions are made before registration for the following quarter. Admitted students will be admitted into a specific option and will not be able to change their option unless they reapply. 

To be eligible to apply, students must have the following: A minimum grade of 2.0 in each course taken and a GPA of at least 2.50 is required in the following set of five courses: CSE 142, 143, MATH 124, 125, 126, one of MATH 307, MATH 308, AMATH 351, or AMATH 352. The sequence MATH 134, 135, 136 may be substituted for MATH 124, 125, 126, 307, and 308. No courses may be in progress at the time of application. Completion of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 

As a public institution, the UW is dedicated to first-time degree-seeking students. Coupled with high demand for ACMS degrees among undergraduates means ACMS degrees are not available for Post-bac students through the UW Seattle.

Personal statement:
A statement about your interest in ACMS will help us evaluate your application. Please take this seriously and use it to help us get a deeper picture of you beyond your grades.

- We would like to know about your educational and/or career goals, and how you expect to further them by studying the option you selected in ACMS.
- ACMS actively seeks and welcomes students with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. If you wish to describe such things, as they relate to your interest in ACMS, please do so in this paragraph.
- You may also use this statement to address elements of your record that might misrepresent your potential as an ACMS major.

Statements should be no longer than 2,000 characters.

Only current matriculated UW students may apply to the ACMS program using this application. Prospective freshmen and transfer students need to be admitted and enrolled at the UW before applying to the ACMS Program

The Autumn Quarter 2021 ACMS Admissions Application will be available here beginning Wednesday, September 29th at 8am (Pacific).

Click here if you are having trouble accessing the application form.

Admissions Decision

Admissions decisions will be sent out via email to your UW email. The date of the email will be posted at the top of the admissions webpage (this webpage). If admitted, please follow the instructions in the email. Non-responses by the deadline indicated in the email are considered a decline of the offer of admissions. 

Applicants who apply to the ACMS Major and are admitted need to be registered and enrolled for the quarter immediately following the application decision (Summer or Autumn). Students who are not enrolled for the quarter following the application decision will forfeit their admissions offer and will need to reapply in a future application cycle.

All applicants have the right to petition and appeal the department’s admission decision.

If you are denied admission to the ACMS department, there is an appeals procedure if you feel that important facts were overlooked by the committee. You must submit the ACMS Admission Decision Appeal Form within two weeks of the date of the notification email. The form should be submitted to the Student Services Office in Padelford C-36. Only relevant information that was not submitted with your original application will be considered in your case for an appeal. Students who appeal will be notified one week after the appeal deadline.

To meet with an advisor, please visit the Math and ACMS Student Services Offices, Padelford, C-36. We generally have drop-in hours Monday through Friday, 9:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 -3:30 pm in Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Summer hours vary, please call to verify availability, (206) 543-6830.

How Many We Admit

ACMS admits approximately 50 students each application cycle across all option areas. Because the UW admits more than 400 students per year who wish to study ACMS, admissions is competitive.